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Discover the most promising green startups in Europe.

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NamePitch LineCountryLevel ILevel IIEmployeesFoundedStage  
1366 TechnologiesDeveloper of manufacturing technology that reduces costs and increases the efficiency of silicon wafer production for solar cellsUnited StatesClean energySolar101 - 2002008Late1366 Technologies
1h2o31H2O3 design, engineer, & build compact & modular treatment kits for aquaponics, aquaculture & municipal wastewaterSwitzerlandWaterTreatment1 - 102018Not applicable1h2o3
1km à pied1km Á  Pied helps all organizations to measure the impact of their home-work journeys so that they can easily improve the situation via a Mobility Plan.FranceTransportationShared mobility1 - 102019Early1km à pied
2-B ENERGYDeveloper of a new wind turbine design with lower capital and operating costs than conventional turbinesNetherlandsClean energyWind1 - 102007Mid2-B ENERGY
20tree.aiFor near real-time forest inventory for forest investment & managementNetherlandsAir & environmentEnvironmental preservation1 -
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